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"Contemporary detox cure" what is meant by it?                     

(INFO 1)

Due to the current mass vaccinations with untested, i.e. experimental vaccines which, for the first time in the history of vaccination, also penetrate our cells and change the DNA there, our organism is facing completely new health challenges.

Even though these newly developed vaccines have been deemed harmless, many participants in this experiment are noticing negative health changes.
Some are also additionally concerned because cases of more severe vaccine side effects have occurred in their circle of acquaintances. 

The most common 'side effects' observed to date include: Low energy levels, lower physical resilience, mental impairment, respiratory problems, circulatory problems, pain in the heart area, and inflammation in tissues and organs. 

In addition, despite multiple vaccinations, new infections are occurring with increasing frequency. Independent researchers in this field also report a successive breakdown of the immune system as the cause of these recurrent new infections.

Furthermore, research results show that the number of spike proteins produced by this repeated cell manipulation can reach alarming excess. The antibodies then released as an immune response now also appear in quantities that can throw our organism out of its healthy balance.

The cytokines formed in the course of this immune reaction activate further immune cells, which then migrate to the site of inflammation and also provoke further cytokine releases. This excessive immune reaction is also referred to as a cytokine storm. In this case, antibodies, in this case leukocytes, are activated to such an extent that the immune reaction no longer subsides automatically, which usually happens when the amount of antigen, in a natural course, decreases. 

Autoimmune diseases and the development of blood clots are now to be expected. These trombi (blood clots) are not only dangerous to the limbs, but can find their way to the lungs, heart or brain, causing pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, strokes or organ failure. 

What must a contemporary detox cure in the sense of a vaccination elimination and restoration of an intact immune system now accomplish?

  • Neutralization and degradation of the 'wild' spike proteins and restoration of the self-repair mechanisms of our cells.

  • Excretion of neutralized spike proteins and exogenous pollutants, which could also be called ''vaccine contaminants "* to put it mildly. *(See more in INFO2)

  • Purification and regeneration of the blood.

More detailed information: Info II

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