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Feel the romance and enjoy an intimate and unforgettable honeymoon in lush serenity and sophistication. While relaxing with your loved one in an exclusive and romantic ambience you will embrace Bali’s pristine scenery, picturesque sunsets and authentic culture. Make your dreams come true and experience an intimate honeymoon in a tropical paradise. 


Naturkosmetische Materialien


Detoxify and regenerate on the Island of the Gods. Our cutting-edge detox cure is a combination of soothing and draining massage methods, revitalizing body therapy and energy sessions, natural detox products and our delicious and vitalizing gourmet cuisine.  The transformative energies in the Shunyata Villas Bali, picturesquely located in a part of Bali that is still almost untouched by tourism, will support you in your individual detoxification process. Your body is freed from harmful toxins and the immune system is regenerated and strengthened.

Enjoy this unique treatment combination and revitalize body, mind and soul.


Monkey Climbing Tree


Discover luxury and relaxation on Bali and at the same time explore the Balinese way of life in private tours, guided by an experienced and English-speaking chauffeur. The treasures of Bali with all its temples, rice terraces, tropical forests and wildlife parks amaze and charm every traveler. Bali's cultural riches are waiting to be explored. Moreover this package gives you the space to relax, balance and reach peace of mind.


Yoga im Garten


Find your true nature and inner self through meditation, concentration and breath work in order to unite the body and soul. The high vibrant energies of Bali will assist you to cultivate peace of mind, strengthen inner power and reconnect with yourself. The yoga retreat is designed to let you indulge yourself in nourishing treatments while you re-connect to your body & spirit and enjoy pure luxury at Shunyata Villas Bali.






This retreat is supporting you to dangle your soul, to slow down and get calm. The vibrant energies at our resort, daily wellness treatments and the unique atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and reclaimed. Spoil yourself by diving into the voices of nature and the silence of the Shunyata Villas Bali resort to find inner peace. You deserve it.




Treat yourself with a 4-day wellness package and experiences an unforgettable time out in connection with the peaceful nature, the luxurious delights of Shunyata Villas Bali, your unique body and soul. It is a perfect opportunity to add this pleasant package at the start or end of your exploration tour around Bali.



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