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At Shunyata Villas Bali we use only natural & healthy ingredients to create authentic and fresh flavors. We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients! That's why we use organic products from our own gardens, neighboring farmers, fishermen and local markets whenever we can. 

Our chefs combine local and seasonal ingredients, integrate traditional and modern cooking styles, put love and passion into every single dish to ensure our guests have a delightful culinary experience.

Every morning our guest can enjoy an à la carte breakfast served at our restaurant or their private pool villa. Our extensive food & drink menu allows to choose from a variety of options including delicious vegetarian and vegan delights. Certainly, we will be happy to take any food intolerances and preferences into consideration when creating our daily 3-course lunch and dinner menus. 


The villagers of Seraya believe that the high vibrational energy of the place, the spiritual temple next to the villas, volcanic mountains and the Indian Ocean have a transformational and healing impact on the body, mind and soul. Inspired by the wisdom and knowledge of ancient cultures we have designed a holistic wellness offer that consists of yoga, crystal frequency therapy, delightful massages and nourishing spa treatments. 


Our aim is to co-create a trusting connection and gently guide you through a personalized wellness program. It is a gradual discovery process that naturally unfolds ­- one where you will experience greater harmony of body, mind and soul through the energies and elements that lead to health and wellbeing. We invite you to enjoy a journey of pure joy, relaxation and peace of mind. 

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Impressive volcanos, mystic temples, hidden waterfalls, lush green rice terraces, stunning beaches, a colorful underwater world… Bali is like a great treasure full of magical experiences. Away from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist areas, Shunyata Villas Bali is the perfect starting point for immersing into the rich culture and beautiful scenery of the east coast.


What about an authentic Balinese cooking class or a meditation with a healer at our temple? Based on the feedback of our guests we have designed a number of experiences that allow you to discover the authentic Bali and collect memories that last a lifetime. Just let us know what excites you and we will find some recommendations for you. 


Shunyata Villas Bali is based on a vision that crossed our path more than two decades ago. Drawn by the spirit of the ocean we decided to leave Germany and move to Sri Lanka where we found a beautiful spot at the coast of the Indian Ocean. From the very first moment we felt that this place is meant to be for healing and regeneration. In 2004 we opened there our Ayurvedic Resort Shunyata Villa, which still welcomes guests from all around the world.


Only few years later our second visionary project manifested in Bali. When traveling around the island of god we discovered a place of high vibrant energy, still untouched and embedded in an authentic Balinese village - Seraya. The pure energy of the ocean in the south, the sunrise at the ancient ritual place and the majestic volcano Mount Agung radiate peace, silence and eternity - the perfect place for our second resort - Shunyata Villas Bali, which we joyfully opened in 2011. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and mass tourism, Shunyata Villas Bali offers a perfect place to relax, lean back and soak up the peace of nature.


We are looking forward to welcome you soon at Shunyata Villas Bali.

Maria & Jürgen Neurohr


Besides the public energy supply, we have installed our own back-up generator, operating with biodiesel. This makes us less dependent on the state owned electrical power supply in case of a blackout. The generator room is located at the back of our complex and it is sunk into the ground. Therefore the vibration and noise is not noticeable to our neighbours and guests.

While we already generate our hot water with solar energy, one of our next investments will enable the installation of sufficient photovoltaic, which will generate our needed energy. As much as possible we are using LED light bulbs and if this is not possible energy-efficient bulbs help to significantly reduce our electricity consumption for lighting by 80 %. While the tumble dryer of our in-house laundry uses natural gas, other electric devices such as refrigerators, freezers and the air conditioning system embrace the latest market standards regarding energy-efficiency. We believe its extremely important to work towards a eco friendly Bali.


With the help of a dowser, we discovered an underground stream, which flows into the ocean from the 1,000 meter high hill. By building a 50 meter deep water supply well we are able to connect to this water source, making us less dependent of the state-owned water supply. In order to produce our own quality drinking water we have installed a modern filter system. While this provides our complex with water of finest quality, it also avoids unnecessary transportation.


The wastewater of the toilets, bathrooms and kitchen flows all together into bio septic tanks. By permanently feeding oxygen, those tanks reprocess the water so that it leaves the tanks free of smell. After that, the water flows into a collection tank, where it is mixed up with rain and well water. Using submersible pumps the water can then be used to water the greenery or it can be used for the “waste water gardens”, which are watered and fertilized under the surface.

The cleaning-system of all our pools work with an ionizer-system: Silver-copper-ions keep the water free from bacteria and algae. Additionally the waterfalls permanently feed oxygen to the pool-water, which has an antibacterial effect. Having a sand-filter system keeps away contamination and algae, and avoids adding any further chlorine.

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All used materials are highest standard. We make use of natural building materials wherever it is possible and wherever it makes sense. In that manner we purely use colours that are on water basis and thus free of any harmful solvents.


At Shunyata Villas Bali you will find several places where organic fruits and vegetables are growing. In order to ensure the best quality of this products we use only natural fertilizers in form of compost and mulch, which we source from our own production and the alternative Temesi Recycling Center.  

Besides fruits, vegetable and herbs from our own garden, our in-house kitchen primarily uses products from our direct surroundings. We buy fresh fish, chicken, eggs, fruits and vegetables from our neighbours, fishermen and from small farmers, who also sell their products on the local market in Seraya. Additionally the weekly market in Amplapura offers products that are only available in the wider environment such as the mountain ranges.

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